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3 Ways to Overcome Your Opponents

by Luis Ada

Online poker is a minefield, isn’t it? To become a winner takes so many different skills it can put off people from even trying. But, if you break it down, all you need to be is better than the players you regularly play against. That’s it! When you think if it like that, surely online poker is profitable in the low stake’s games still? After all, the experts will have moved up stakes as they profited. In this article we’re going to give three ways you can overcome your low stakes opponents and beat them consistently. I’m confident if you follow these tips, you’ll be a winner this year.

Invest in poker training

Almost all the best players reached where they have through training. They didn’t expend decades of experience before being a winner, they paid a poker training company to teach them key concepts. By spending some money on training yourself in fundamental strategy you will be taking shortcuts to becoming a winner. It will save you time and almost certainly increase your chances of winning. Furthermore, most players at low stakes are not spending money on training. They are quite happy learning from average resources like Twitch or YouTube.

Adapt to your table

Most online poker players have their style and stick to it. This is fine but it’s not optimal. Instead, a strong player should react and adapt to the players on the table. All the experts know this. It’s sparked the term “exploitative poker” which basically means you exploit your opponents’ weaknesses instead of playing a game theory optimal poker strategy. It’s widely accepted that adapting and exploiting your opponents is likely to be the most profitable strategy in low stakes games online.

Game select carefully

Finally, game selection is a huge way to overcome your opponents. Its crazy how many players don’t pay any attention to the table stats. Don’t be impatient and sit on any table. Instead, take your time, pick ones that appear juicier and looser. These games are more likely to involve looser and fishier players. There’s nothing wrong with sitting with nits per se, but they are unlikely to give you a big win rate. If you’re a tournament player, select the formats you know well. In other words, it might be best to avoid the fad mtts like bounty builders.


By investing in training, adapting to your opponents and picking your games wisely, you will overcome your opponents with the right tools. Like any endeavour in life you need to be wise, shrewd and patient. By doing these three things you can have a positive year in 2021.

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