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Casinos 101: Exactly What You Need To Know

by Luis Ada

You’re at the Casino playing Blackjack. You’ve been beating it for a few hours, and you think that it’s time to cash in your chips and go home. But what should you do with the money?

  1. Bring cash to the Casino so you can withdraw when you’re ready to leave.

There are pros and cons of each, but if your goal is to win as much money as possible without getting too deep into the Casino’s pockets (or risking their wrath by borrowing), then plan on taking your earnings in cash.:

The staff at Casinos will give you an envelope or chip tray so that they can count what you have before cashing them all in for larger bills – this way, they know how many times they need to go back through the Blackjack tables asking “What’ll you take?”

  1. Take out a marker or credit card loan for more money:

It’s tempting to take out a marker or credit card loan when you’re up and to feel lucky – after all, it’ll just be another $100. But if the Casino has your ID, they know how much money you have in your checking account. If you go too deep on these loans (and don’t pay them back), then you may find that the Casino is more than happy to get in touch with your employer or even have court proceedings started against you – they don’t want to lose their money.

  1. Take your winnings home:

If taking your earnings home is higher on your priority list, then go ahead and withdraw them with a Casino cashier before you leave – but make sure that they count what you have first to prevent walking out with more cash than you had when you walked in.

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