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How to be a master in the game of 21 card rummy? Know these secrets here

by Luis Ada

21 card rummy is interesting and popular among card players. You can play this game in the GetMega app with your friends and win real money. 21 card rummy is no doubt one of the most exciting and challenging types of game rummy. Each round of this special game needs patience, time, and also proper planning.

 If you are a newbie, then this game known as 21 card rummy may be a little difficult for you. So, let’s talk about the secrets to being a master of this game from a beginner.

Specific terms of the game 21 card rummy

  • Upper joker: This card is ranked above Cut joker and holds a similar suit. It is for this reason that the Cut joker is known as the Upper joker. 
  • Cut joker: After dealing all the cards to the participants, the card that is on the topmost card of the stock pile is called the Cut joker. 
  • Lower joker: The card of the same suit but one rank below is known as the Lower joker.
  • Marriage: 1 Cut joker, 1 Lower, and 1 Upper joker, all from the same suit is known as marriage. 
  • Tunnela: It is a set of three cards with similar ranks and suits. 
  • Dublee: It is a pair of 2 matching cards of the same suit and rank or can be two jokers. It is not possible to pair a Joker with another card to create a Dublee.

How can you play 21 card rummy?

The game of 21 card rummy is usually played by 2 to 6 players by using 3 decks of 53 cards each including a joker.

According to its name, 21 numbers of cards are given to each player. The rules of 21 card rummy regarding stock and discard pile are quite similar to the basic Rummy game. However, there are some additional rules of Upper and Lower jokers, Dublee, and Tunnela.  Also, in this game, the card needs to be melded with some special rules to become the winner of a round.

Rules of playing 21 card rummy

To become the winner of this game, you need to meld the cards in certain combinations. Such as:

  1. Minimums have three pure sequences (meaning 3 or more succeeding cards of the same suit but without a joker). The remaining cards can be grouped in any combination of sets and runs. 
  2. Eight jokers in a single group. The rest of the cards are not needed to be grouped in sets.
  3. Separate groups are there for eight dublees. The remaining cards are not needed to be arranged in sequences.
  4. At least 3 tunnelas in different groups. The remaining ones are not needed to be arranged in sequences or sets.

Rules of getting scores in 21 card rummy

The winner of the game will get a total of the points lost by the losing players. The losing players will get negative points. For the losing players, the negative points are calculated on the basis of the points for the ungrouped cards. Some of the exceptions are:

  • If there are one or two pure sets-those are not counted.
  • If there is no pure sequence, then all the cards need to be counted.
  • If there are three pure card sequences –then the three impure sets will not be added to the points.
  • One player can lose a maximum of 120 points in one hand.

Therefore, 21 card rummy is no doubt one of the exciting variants of the game rummy. The experience of playing this game on the GetMega app is really unique, as this app offers certain advantages that other platforms may not offer.

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