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Tracking your progress in poker: Tips for recording your wins and losses and why it’s worth the effort

by Luis Ada

Poker is still one of the world’s best-loved casino games and a classic which mixes drama, excitement, skill and strategy. It is also a game which is very easy to find and comes with great accessibility. This means you will never struggle to find somewhere to play poker whenever you fancy!

Of course, online poker is the best example of this and there are some superb internet casinos around. Resorts Casino is a top choice and is widely seen as the best NJ online casino. As well as poker, it offers lots of other popular casino games to enjoy plus top-class customer support and multiple payment options. If you plan to play poker there, it makes sense to keep track of your progress.

But why is this so important?

Tracking your wins and losses in poker: Why does it matter?

For many players, taking the time to track your wins and losses in poker might seem a lot of work. Although this is only natural, it is actually very important. But why is this?

One of the most important reasons is that it enables you to accurately track your spending and also how much profit you have made. By tracking your wins and losses, you can manage your bankroll more effectively and make sure your spending on poker stays in check.

Keeping a note of your wins and losses also helps you to refine your game and find a successful strategy for online poker. If you notice that you have been losing a lot lately, for example, it can give you the impetus to analyze your game and refine your play. Tracking your progress can also help you see ifthat new site you have been playing on is worth persisting with.

How can you track your wins and losses in poker?

Now we know why this makes sense, it is worth pointing out how to go about it. The crucial thing is that the data is recorded somewhere in writing, and you do not rely on your own memory.

For those who like old-school vibes, you could simply grab a notebook and pen to track your progress. Tech lovers might prefer to use Microsoft Excel spreadsheets instead. Either method allows you to note down stats in one easy to access place. Another good tip is to record the data you are tracking as soon as possible – either as it happens or straight after each session.

In terms of what data you should be recording, the main ones are buy-in amount, time spent playing, how many wins per session, how many losses and how much money made/lost per session.

Tracking your progress is crucial

Although it might seem a lot of effort, it really does pay to track your poker progress. It will not only help to manage your spending and money better but also improve as a player and fix weaknesses in your game.

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